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TLC Dentistry Services

Dental Flossing Patient with Doctor

Family Dentistry in Salinas, CA

At TLC Dentistry, we always focus on ensuring ultimate oral hygiene. We understand that in order to have perfect teeth, there is some care and preventive measures you need to exercise yourself. Good habits in maintaining your teeth would goREAD MORE
Beautiful Smiling Women with White Teeth

Cosmetic Dentistry In Salinas, CA

At TLC Dentistry, we know that nothing is more beautiful than a perfect smile. This is why our cosmetic dentistry is focused on ensuring that your smile is never imperfect. Discolorations and misaligned teeth are the biggest enemies of aREAD MORE
Dental Implant Graphic Salinas CA

Restorative Dentistry In Salinas, CA

If your teeth have been through a lot because of injury, bad preventive care or simple wear and tear, dentists and orthodontists at TLC Dentistry can help you out. Our treatments include CEREC. This is the perfect crown treatment forREAD MORE