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Start Pure Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Salinas, CA

A pure white smile is just 20 minutes away!

Only 20 Minutes
The leading professional teeth whitening brands take at least 90 minutes to whiten teeth. Start Pure® Professional gives you a brilliant white smile in only 20 minutes! With Start Pure® Professional’s fast, effective patented technology, and comfortable pre-loaded silicone trays, your teeth will be whiter and brighter in no time. No Mess. No Sensitivity. No Wait. Enhance your smile today with Start Pure®
Professional, available only through your dentist.

Virtually no Sensitivity
The dehydration of your teeth during typical whitening treatments can lead to severe sensitivity and tingling “zings” of pain! Start Pure®
Professional has a patented desensitizer that is added into the whitening gel by your dental professional immediately before the start of the procedure. This patented technology prevents the dehydration of your teeth, acting as a protective barrier against the painful side effects of the bleaching agent. Start Pure® Professional is the only professional whitening system with this unique and powerful process making it a pleasant experience with Virtually no Sensitivity.

Whiter Results
A whiter smile can lead to a more youthful-looking and confident you. With Start Pure® Professional, your smile is enhanced and is made whiter using a patented detergent technology. This detergent step lifts surface stains from your teeth for better penetration of the whitening gel. It helps hydrate your teeth during the whitening treatment, decreasing the post whitening reversion dramatically, and gives you a longer lasting more radiant white smile.

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