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Dental Crowns in Salinas, CA


A crown can be used to visually enhance a tooth or to protect it from cracking whereas a filling would not. Crowns are placed over the teeth to provide a safe shell against cracking, cavity formation, and other forms of damage. They are generally used to replace or enhance fillings, after a root canal, or to stop an already present cavity from spreading. A crown essentially surrounds the tooth to provide 24/7 strength and protection.

Styles and Materials

Crowns have traditionally been made of gold although steel and aluminum have also been used. While these are certainly strong materials, they don’t look or feel natural in the mouth. Luckily, there are now more modern and natural approaches to crowns so that it will continue to look and feel like your natural tooth.


Getting your crown will require two visits to the office. First, you will go to have your tooth cleaned to remove any decayed parts and bacterias. Next, you will have that tooth molded to produce the shape of your crown. You will then be given a temporary crown to wear while your crown is being made, and you should come in the for the final appointment to have it placed inside. Once your crown is placed in, you will be able to use it as though it were any other tooth.