It is a good idea for adults to visit the dentist at least every six months. The importance of visiting the dentist regularly should not be overlooked. However, many people go years without being examined by a dentist. These people are usually unaware of how important regular oral exams really are. When someone visits the dentist, they are examined for illness and disease. Dentists will check for many problems including: tooth decay, gum disease, and oral cancer.

Many people are frightened by the thought of going to the dentist. They usually are afraid of possible pain and discomfort they may experience. The thought of someone scraping or drilling their possibly already sensitive teeth is too much for them. Some people may also fear being scolded by the dentist, or getting bad news from them.

What happens at dentist appointment?

• Basic inspection

When someone goes to the dentist, they will usually get their head, neck, teeth, and gums checked first. Dentists, or dental hygienists, will usually spot things like cavities during this process. They will be looking for anything out of the ordinary. They may even check a patient’s saliva and their bite during this time.

• X-rays

During a routine dental check-up, x-rays of the patient’s mouth are taken. This makes it possible for the dentist to find any problems that they couldn’t see on the surface. This is an effective way for dentists to find future issues that a patient may have to deal with down the line. Seeing it in advance allows dentists to take care of the issues before they cause any harm.

• Cleaning

During a scheduled dentist appointment, the dentist will remove as much tartar and plaque as possible from the patient’s teeth. This will help lower the risks of tooth decay and gum problems. In theory, the dentist will clean up whatever little areas the patient wasn’t able to clean on their own at home. The patient’s teeth will also be flossed and shined. They will leave the dentist with clean and fresh mouths.


There are many reasons people shouldn’t avoid missing their scheduled dentist appointments. The most obvious is they may have some kind of problem, and the dentist won’t be able to see it until things have already gotten worse. It’s important to diagnose these problems as early on as possible. If someone misses a dentist appointment, a problem may not be spotted until it’s serious enough to cause pain.

When a patient’s teeth get cleaned during a visit to the dentist, plaque and tarter are removed. The dentists clean the patients’ mouths thoroughly. If someone stops going to the dentist, plaque and tartar can build up and cause them many problems.

Scheduling an Appointment

A lot of people will make an appointment to visit the dentist, and then cancel. This is a perfectly acceptable thing to do. Things come up, and it’s alright if you have to reschedule an appointment every once in a while. However, if that person never reschedules an appointment, they are only hurting themselves.


It may be tempting for some people to blow off a dentist appointment, but it’s important not to miss them. A patient’s mouth will be fully examined, x-rayed, and cleaned during an appointment. If any problems are found during the examination process, the patient will return to have them taken care of. If problems are seen in the x-rays, the dentists will deal with them accordingly as well. The cleaning process will help keep the patient free from cavities and other problems in between dental appointments.There are too many problems that can occur if someone decides to stop going to the dentist for a few years. Anything can be discovered at an appointment. A dentist may even find a serious problem, such as gum disease or oral cancer. Missing an appointment might mean missing a diagnosis. Showing up to dental appointments could potentially save someone’s life.
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