The truth is, coffee is not great for a person’s teeth. While a lot of people love to drink coffee in the morning and throughout the day, a coffee drinker is going to cause problems with his or her teeth. While true, most people are okay with this as they want to enjoy caffeine and a warm beverage in the morning. With this in mind, here is a short guide with regards to the truth about coffee and teeth.


Now, it obviously is not easy to drink coffee with a straw. However, when drinking cold coffee drinks like iced coffee, one can save their teeth a lot of trouble. Yes, with a straw, a person sill watch as the coffee does not go by their teeth. In the long run, this will help a person avoid stains as they will not have the coffee go over their teeth. In fact, plenty of Hollywood stars do this, especially with red wine as they want to avoid the issue altogether. Simply put, this is an easy way to enjoy caffeine without causing wear and tear to the teeth.

How Coffee Stains the Teeth

Since the enamel of the teeth is the hardest substance of one’s body, it’s not smooth and flat. This makes it easy for particles to get stuck, including coffee. The pigments from coffee get embedded in the cracks, which makes it hard to remove. Furthermore, when tartar or plaque builds up, one is more vulnerable to build up. So, for this reason, over the years, especially when a person drinks a lot of coffee and doesn’t visit a dentist, they will see stains.

Taking Care of your Teeth is in Your Hands

Without a doubt, if a person wants to have bright teeth, they can do so with a few simple steps. For starters, one should brush and floss all the time. Secondly, when drinking coffee, one can drink water right after. Of course, its best to avoid coffee altogether, but most people will not do this, so prevention is the best solution, and by taking these simple steps, one can avoid stains.