Why Getting Your Teeth Whitened at TLC Dentistry is a Great Idea

Most people want a clean, glistening white smile. In an image-conscious society, it is important to put our best faces forward at all times. This is why many people pay hundreds of dollars to get their teeth whitened at the dentist. But what if it was possible to get teeth whitened in less time for less money? Continue reading to learn how it is possible to whiten teeth at TLC Dentistry for a price that will not cripple anyone’s finances.

Teeth Whitening at Other Dentists

For many people, getting their teeth whitened is no picnic. Not only do many people complain about the pain and sensitivity, but they also crow about the exorbitant cost. With the pain, tooth sensitivity, and a price that is sure to make many people not want to go back to the dentist for maintenance, what is a budget-conscious person who wants a white smile to do?

The Solution

TLC Dentistry features an innovative teeth whitening procedure that is delightfully called “Sensational Smile.” When someone gets their teeth whitened at TLC Dentistry in Salinas, they will receive a dazzling white smile in less time than it takes to commute to their place of work!

After a person arrives at TLC Dentistry for their teeth whitening appointment, they are seated in the dentist’s chair to prepare for the procedure. One of TLC’s competent dentists will give the patient a mouth tray filled with an FDA approved teeth whitening gel. After the tray is put in the patient’s mouth, the next part of the procedure begins.

The next part of the appointment involves exclusive LED technology. An LED light is placed at a safe distance near the patient’s mouth tray. Twenty minutes later, the patient’s smile is noticeably brighter. At the end of the appointment, the patient even receives a free teeth whitening pen to take home with them.

Why You Should Get a Sensational Smile

When someone goes to TLC for their biannual cleaning, it is extremely easy to add on the Sensational Smile procedure at your appointment. The TLC dentists will offer this option to all of their patients.

Sensational smiles are also effortless to maintain. All one needs to do is use the whitening pen as directed and come in every so often for whitening maintenance appointments. Once a patient gets started with their Sensational smiles, they will never want to stop receiving them. The affordable price even makes this teeth whitening procedure less of a sin.

For Those That Are Still Not Convinced

If a person reading this is still not convinced that they need a Sensational smile, they should think about the consequences of discolored teeth. A brown smile turns off potential romantic partners and job interviewers, as well as downgrades the quality of any picture in which your smile is shown.

Seventy-six percent of adults think that a discolored smile can hurt a person’s career. Even more (96 percent) believe that an attractive smile makes them more attractive to potential romantic partners. Whether a patient wants a job, a mate, or just a better reflection in the bathroom mirror, the smarter, better, and more economical choice is the Sensational Smile procedure at TLC Dentistry in Salinas.

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