What can a Painful Tooth Mean?

Distinctive and life shattering are the two words that work in tandem when describing dental pain. For those that have gone the full ten rounds, they will do everything in their power to prevent, forestall, and avoid this trauma. In the end, the best method of prevention is to understand all the conditions that can give rise to tooth pain.

The Cost of the Siren’s Song of Sugar

The obvious answer here is tooth decay and while not incorrect it is incomplete. Dietary hazards like sugar present impediments to good oral hygiene but are not the only cause. More underlying factors are an improper brushing regimen and poor nutritional choices. Proper techniques which include flossing can forestall most of the erosive qualities sugar has in the mouth. Regular oral attention and a more healthy and balanced diet will greatly reduce this risk.

Bottling It In

The improper coping mechanism with stress is another sign of tooth pain. While silence usually does not exasperate confrontations, clenching ones jaw can be the road to ruin for the health of one’s teeth. Grinding can cause damage that is not only irreparable but painful to boot. Once again a life style change is in order. Meditation and sometimes medication are necessary to aid in the alleviation of stress and to stop grinding teeth.

Investigate That Crunching Sound

Sometimes foreign matter in food is not the cause for an unexpected crunch when eating. At times, the tooth weakens to a point where it can start to crack and fracture under even ordinary activities like eating. Do not just dismiss this as food contamination. This is a reason to move up the dental appointment from its regular interval. The best way to prevent dental pain from fracturing is to have the suspected surface inspected immediately. Small repairs can be fixed with much less pain than a heavy repair down the road.

An Existing Repair

The technology behind fillings has made remarkable progress these last few decades. While much stronger, it still does not have the integrity of a whole tooth. Cold and hot liquids are usually the first things that cause pain from filling degradation. If a person starts sucking air and feels a sharp accompanying pain then part of the surface covered by the filling could be exposed. Once again, a trained dental professional can perform a closer look and repair any suspect fillings before the whole health of the tooth is put into jeopardy.

Weakening Gums

Free flowing blood from brushing and flossing is a visual precursor to the pain that is inevitable when this eyesore begins. When crimson flecks appear on floss and the gums are swollen then decay and disease are soon to follow. Increased brushing and flossing will get the gums back in line if the condition has not progressed too far. If after a week or two of increased attention bleeding remains then consult your dentist.

The Pressure of an Abscess

Facial swelling, pocket of puss on the gum line, and extreme pain denote the most serious of all dental conditions which is the abscess. When things have gotten this far out of hand, a root canal may be the only remedy to ease pain and keep the outer portion of the tooth alive. The inside will be dead but the afflicted will be able to sleep again.

The causes of dental pain are many and should be taken very seriously. Intense pain might be the result of ignoring the obvious. Improve your life habits and if the symptoms do not improve, consult a trained professional> TLC Dentistry in Salinas is here to help. The smile should last a lifetime with a rigorous regimen of oral hygiene and other precautions.

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