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Finding a good dentist may seem impossible. There are many dentists in every area, but there are some major factors for which to look when finding a dentist. Choosing a dentist based on these tips ensures patients find a dentist that has the right education and training.


Patients should choose an office that is convenient for them, which includes office hours and location. Some offices stay open later or are open on the weekend. This is beneficial for individuals who work a standard work schedule. Location is another important factor. Some patients may find it more convenient to have an office close to their work, so they don’t have to miss much work. Other patients may find it more convenient for an office that is close to their home or their child’s school.

Pleasant Office

Not all dentist offices are made the same. Some offices are cleaner than others, making patients feel more comfortable and welcome. For many people, going to the dentist is unpleasant, so having a kind and friendly staff is paramount for making patients feel relaxed and make the experience more pleasant all around.

Office Policies

Each dental office has their own set of policies. Common policies include what happens when a patient misses an appointment. Some offices forgive one or two missed appointments here and there, but other offices charge a copayment or a fee for every missed appointment. Similarly, some offices may require patients to call 24 or even 48 hours in advanced to cancel an appointment. Another good example of an office policy that may affect whether a dentist is a right fit is how they handle emergencies outside of office hours. It is best to choose a dentist who has a policy in place for emergencies, such as referring to a colleague, instead of a dentist who forces patients to wait until regular office hours.

Education and Training

Choosing a dentist with excellent education and training leads to a more professional and better experience. Most dentists will readily provide information about education and training if a patient ask. It is also prudent to find out about the dentist’s continuing education and training. All doctors are required to participate in a set minimum hours of continuing education each year, but choosing a dentist that goes above and beyond the minimum ensures that doctor is well-trained in the newest dental advancements.


In addition to training and education, it’s important to find a dentist with experience. New dentists may have the classroom education, but they don’t have the real-world experience that makes for excellent treatment. Choosing a dentist with experience means patients can be confident in their dentist’s skills and abilities.

The Dentist’s Approach

Learning about the dentist’s approach to dental health is also important, especially when it comes to preventative care. Preventing dental problems before they happen is important for having healthy teeth and saving money. Patients should choose a dentist who teaches about preventative care and pushes patients to care for their teeth at home. The best bet is to find a dentist who offers cosmetic services and advanced treatments, but whose main focus is on preventative care and basic care.

Trusted Resources

There are many great resources to check for finding good dentists. Some patients may prefer to ask friends, family or colleagues about good dentists, so they get a firsthand description of that dentist’s capabilities. Doctors and pharmacists are also great resources for providing unbiased advice about dentists. Lastly, the ADA provides all dentists in each area and gives information regarding the dentist.


Choosing a dentist is just as important as choosing a general physician. Patients should determine what is important to them in a dentist, and then research different dentists to find the perfect one for them.

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