For years, dental work has continued to evolve to benefit both the dentist and patient with proper dental care. The different types of tools and techniques that are used work to improve the dental care of the patient to ensure that they have proper oral health throughout their lifetime. Soft tissue lasers are one of the most recent tools that dental professionals are beginning to use due to their efficiency and precision. For those who are interested in having dental care with a soft tissue laser, there are a number of benefits with the advanced tool.

No Pain Involved

One of the most common challenges that comes with dental care is alleviating any pain that is involved for the patient. Both dentist and patients prefer soft tissue lasers because there is essentially no pain involved when it’s used in the mouth. Lasers also do not require any anesthesia or shots to be used in the patient’s mouth, making it a more comfortable experience from beginning to end. Patients still have the option to use anesthesia if they prefer to receive it.

Soft tissue lasers cut at a rapid rate and provide a minimal amount of scarring inside of the mouth. They can even cut and seal the soft tissue with vaporization with less postoperative discomfort involved.

More Versatility

Soft tissue lasers are favored because they can be used to perform a number of different duties. They can gently remove gum tissue without cutting while also removing cold sores or lesions that are present. They are also used with crown lengthening to improve the smile of the patient. The laser also works to sterilize targeted areas in the mouth that contain bacteria.

Other dental practices use the laser on full metal and PFM crowns, around amalgam or gold alloy restorations, and on metal that present in the mouth. It can also be used around implants due to a lower heat production than other surgical instruments.

Safe on Everyone

The FDA has approved soft tissue lasers to be used in the dental industry and has deemed it safe for both children and adults. The surgical instrument is known to be reliable to use and causes a minimal amount of bleeding. Patients typically experience less swelling and discomfort after their procedure. An added benefit is that it does not harm the hard tissue or dental pulp that is present in the mouth. There is even less collateral damage on the surrounding areas with less charring of the tissue and bacteria that is left behind.

A Comfortable Dental Tool

Most of the fear that people experience when getting dental work has to do with the amount of noise with the drills and tools that are used. A soft tissue laser is extremely quiet and only exudes a soft humming noise which for a relaxing environment. Patients feel more comfortable and more at ease in a quieter dental office when the laser is in use.

A Portable Instrument

Soft tissue lasers are enjoyed by dental professionals because of their compact and portable design. This makes it easier to have the freedom to move and make precise cuts during procedures. Although the tool is portable, a charging instrument is still attached for added convenience and efficiency. The laser is not bulky, making it easier to focus on the dental work that needs to be performed instead of the dentist having to deal with a large tool.

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